After seeing the xkcd comic where they phone call the Kindle2 the hitchhiker’s guide, [Ladyada] couldn’t assist however laser etch the Kindle 2 with “Don’t Panic”. We believe it looks quite good, if a bit bubbly. You can see the video of the entire process after the break. now that xkcd has infiltrated our interwebs, hearts, as well as minds, perhaps he can put just a small bit of effort into discovering to draw. If you don’t have gain access to to a laser etcher, you might always make your own. just be cautious you don’t unintentionally go full out as well as cut your kindle to shreds.

The kindle isn’t the strangest thing we’ve seen etched by far. We’ve seen Pizza cut by laser as well as even laser tattoos.
[via the Hack a Day flickr pool]

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