If you’re anything like me, you would certainly not appreciate the ugly looking icons and the color schemes of some of the Android skins provided by the OEMs like Samsung and Sony. The first thing you’d do is install a theme on it to give it a new look. The Google Play store is now flooding with new and new themes for Android devices every day, but they all need some or the other launcher to work on.

Most of the themes available are that of CM11 and CM12. thanks to DanielFlorin’s XDA guide, today in this article, we’re going to take a look at the most simple and attractive themes which will change the look of your Android device totally. The following themes do not require any launcher/ specific ROM to be installed on your device, it just needs any custom ROM, and a rooted Xperia phone.

The following have been tampered with to change the look of your Android device :


Navigation Bar

System UI

Framework files

Downloads Colorful Xperia Themes:


A rooted Android device with a custom ROM installed, any ROM will do, just ensure that the Services.JAR has been patched.

An Internet connection to download the APK theme file of your choice.


The best part about these themes is that you need not apply them anywhere, it is just a normal APK installation on your Android device. follow the steps in order to successfully apply one of the many remarkable themes on your Android device :

Download one of the themes of your choice using the links provided above.

Now, enable USB Debugging on your Android device, and connect it to your PC to transfer the APK file. If you’ve downloaded it directly on your Android device, just skip this step.

Navigate to settings > security and check “Unknown Sources” in order to install the APK file.

Get into the file manager, and locate the APK file you just downloaded.

Go ahead, and open it. tap on next to install it on your Android device.

Voila! You’ve successfully installed a colorful theme on your Android device.

If you ever want to revert back, simply uninstall the application just like any other one! If you want to download all the themes in one package.

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