With it’s ever improving the database, app refinements, as well as hordes of new features added regularly, Google Maps is slowly integrating itself into our everyday lives. Be it your everyday commute to work, planning weekend trips to entire vacations, discovering the regional restaurant when it is open, Maps has you covered. However, many individuals only scratch the surface when it concerns utilizing the plethora of features Maps provides for free. right here are 20 helpful Google Maps suggestions as well as techniques as well as hidden features to turn you into a power user.

Google Maps suggestions as well as techniques as well as hidden Features

1. save Your house as well as work addresses

Make sure you are linked to the internet, as well as place settings set to high accuracy mode. then do the following:

Open Google Maps (Or just Maps in your android device)

Select the hamburger icon (three parallel lines) at the top left corner of the screen to open the overlay menu.

Select Your Places.

Under the Labelled section, there will be two entries, house as well as Work.

Enter the corresponding addresses in these two fields as well as you are great to go.

Saving your house as well as work addresses

There are a number of advantages of setting up these two locations. For example, you can set a program for house just by stating “OK Google, navigate to home”. If you are utilizing Google Now, helpful transfer routes to house as well as work, appropriate web traffic info will show up in your Google feed.

2. Make Maps offered Offline

It is now possible to download an area from Google maps for offline use. You can utilize these areas like routine maps, including searching for places as well as navigation.

Open Maps

Long press on any type of area in the region you want to download.

A red pin will appear, together with a pull-up menu below. Swipe up from the menu, as well as choose Download.

In the next screen, you can resize as well as relocation the area to be downloaded. press Download.

Making Maps offered Offline
Please note that an typical offline area can take at least 100 MB of storage space.  Make sure you have sufficient totally free area as well as a Wi-Fi Connection. In gadgets running Android 6.0 as well as above, you can opt to store your maps in an SD card. just open the overflow menu in the app (hamburger icon), choose Offline areas. then tap the settings icon (the gear icon at the top left corner of the screen) as well as choose storage preferences.

*Not all areas in Google maps are downloadable. This is not a software application glitch as well as unfortunately, you can do nothing about it.

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3. save locations in Google Maps

Drop a pin on any type of place you want (by long pressing on the map)

Swipe up the menu from below

Select Save

Select the listing of your option or make a new one.

You can handle all your saved locations from the Your locations choice in the Hamburger menu.

Saving locations in Google Maps
4. Share locations with Others

Follow steps 1 as well as 2 from saving Places.

Select Share, complying with which the basic sharing choices will open up.

5. browse close-by places

The browse bar is always present at the top of the screen. Tapping on the blank browse bar likewise opens up a little menu enabling you to browse close-by restaurants, petrol stations, ATMs. tap on much more as well as a number of much more choices open up.

Also, in navigation screen, while driving, you can tap on the three vertical dots at the bottom best corner of the screen to browse along the route.

6. changing between Modes in Google Maps

Apart from the routine web traffic view, Google provides a number of different modes, namely

Public transport: showing all bus, tram, rail stations

Cycling: screens smaller streets, by lanes etc. Not offered in all places.

Satellite: try spotting your house!

Terrain: showing topography. helpful for off-road trips, trekking, hiking etc.

Google Earth: features 3D rendering, higher resolution satellite images, as well as street view in particular locations.

*Google earth for Android is not yet offered in all regions.

7. street View

Available in Google earth as well as as a separate app for Android, the street view practically transports you to one more location without you having to leave your seat. the most recent versions have VR support, bringing the experience to a whole new level.

8. indoor Maps

Google has started adding indoor maps in different public buildings. This is a new function as well as not offered in many of the buildings. To view floor plans, just zoom in the building from Google Maps.

9. utilize gesture shortcuts in Google Maps

Zoom in/out with one hand: double tap the screen, however after the second tap, slide your finger up or down instead of lifting it up.


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