This bird home will tweet to let you understand when the occupants pass with the door… err… hole. It uses solar panels to keep a battery topped off, as well as an Arduino along with an optical sensor which monitors the doorway to pass along an alert by means of an XBee module.

Admittedly, the video after the break is a bit tongue-in-cheek as well as doesn’t safeguard against the elements, or even against bird poop. as well as it’s generally an advertisement for B-Squares. however we still like it.

These squares utilize magnetic corners to link the solar squares together, in addition to the squares that home the Arduino as well as the battery. These magnetic corners likewise act as the power as well as ground rails. two nails have been pounded with the roofing of the bird house, acting as a surface to magnetically connect the solar panels to, in addition to a conductor to pass the power rails with the wood. It’s no question that B-Squares are closing in on  raising five-times their Kickstarter goal.

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