We like to see jobs carried out for the pure delight of building something new, however to be truthful those develops are a dime a lots around here. So when we see a excellent develop that likewise aims to improve efficiency as well as push an entrepreneurial effort along, such as this automated little parts counter, we sit up as well as take notice.

The necessity that birthed this innovation is [Ryan Bates’] company of building diy arcade game kits. The small consoles seen in the video below are quite slick, however kitting the nuts, bolts, spacers, as well as other bits together to ship out orders was an exercise in tedium. Sure, parts counting scales are a thing, however that’s barely a walk-away solution. So with the assist of some laser-cut gears as well as a couple of steppers, [Ryan] developed a quite capable bit parts counter.

The interchangeable feed gears have holes sized to relocation particular parts up from a hopper to a chute. A photointerrupter counts the parts as they autumn into plastic cups on an 8-position carousel, prepared for bagging. [Ryan] likewise has a handbook counter for cable crimp connectors that’s just begging to be automated, as well as we can see lots of methods to leverage both services as he develops out his kitting system.

While we’ve seen much more than a few candy sorting machines lately, it’s excellent to see somebody building hardware to streamline the relocation from pastime to company like this. We’re looking ahead to seeing where [Ryan] takes this from here.

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