We’ve seen a fair share of carputer develops including a Raspberry Pi in the last few months, however even the power of a Raspi can’t contend with the awesomeness of this Arduino-powered scooterputer.

Like all incredible projects, this develop is the product of a huge situation of function creep. Initially, [Kurt] only desired a voltage screen for his battery. With an  Arduino Duemilanove, a voltage divider, as well as an evening of coding, [Kurt] whipped up a basic gadget with three LEDs to suggest the condition of the batter: either low, good, or charging.

The job was total up until he ran across an incredible OLED screen. utilizing a touch screen screen for just battery tracking is a bit overkill, so [Kurt] made a trip over to Sparkfun as well as got his hands on a temperature sensor, real-time clock, accelerometer, GPS sensor, as well as even a cellular shield.

The resulting scooterputer is a masterpiece of in-vehicle displays: there’s a digital speedometer as well as GPS unit, as well as the cellular shield works as a tracking gadget as well as a method to download real-time maps of the scooter’s present place with itouchmap.

While the majority of the electronics are hidden under the hood of the scooter, the screen of program needed to be out in the weather. To do this, [Kurt] discovered a great enclosure with a rubber boot that completely in shape the OLED display. The screen is linked to the Arduino with a cat5 cable, as well as whatever must hold up quite well as long as [Kurt] doesn’t drive with a hurricane.

You can inspect out a video of the scooterputuer below.

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