A month ago, we reported that Nintendo’s new DSi portable didn’t work with any type of of the present crop of flash cartridges. things didn’t look great for homebrew. right here we are a month later as well as taking a look at the release of the Acekard 2i. It’s the very first DSi compatible flash cartridge. The features appear to be similar to previous versions as well as we expect other manufactures will be updating their product lines in short order. You can discover a video of the Acekard 2i after the break.

These carts may exist since of pirates, however we happily utilize them for homebrew. There are a great deal of excellent programs out there; here’s a listing of 24 apps that are devoted to music creation. You can run Linux on it too. It’s as simple as copying a data to a flash drive. If you have a DS as well as aren’t utilizing homebrew, you’re wasting it. We’ll be choosing up a DSi as soon as they’re in the us (they’re region locked).

[via DS Fanboy]

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