[Paul] has been working on porting over Arduino libraries for utilize with the Teensy microcontroller platform. This has a tendency to be quite basic considering that they both utilize the exact same Atmel chip architecture. however when in a while he discovers the Arduino libraries are not what they’re cracked as much as be. When seeking to port over a frequency measurement library he ended up composing his own that works much better as well as is much a lot more portable.

He had two huge beefs with the Arduino frequency Counter Library. The very first is that it needed the payment aspect the be calibrated utilizing an precise frequency counter. That’s a chick-and-egg issue considering that lots of people who develop a frequency counter with an Arduino are doing so since they don’t already have a standalone tool. The second issue is that the Arduino library was hardcoded for ATmega168 or ATmega328 chips.

This new library fixes both problems with just one trade-off. Your hardware configuration need to be utilizing a crystal oscillator. You can see above in the picture above that the frequency measurement is rather precise with this method. The bundle likewise utilizes a thin abstraction layer which will make it simple to port to any type of 8-bit microcontroller which is programmed in C.

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