we all know the perks of a rooted phone. It opens a whole set of doors, windows and possibilities as to what you can do with your phone. customizing fonts, changing resolution, getting paid apps, getting new options and what not. Although rooting a phone is not compulsory but with the possibilities like above, who wouldn’t opt for it if given a chance.

However, due to ROM specific & manufacturer related barriers, not all users are able to obtain root access on their devices. We aim to change this phenomenon. and although we do not specialize in breaching security information on Android, we can still do our bit to help by browsing and bring you information you need simplified.

A notorious hacker George Francis Hotz or simply as Geohot released a  one step root method for Android. This hacker is previously renown for being the first person to unlock a carrier iphone and breaching a Sony Playstation 3. You may read more about his adventures in the source link below. Let’s move on to his Android root procedure.

We have tried and tested Geohot’s root method several devices and builds and it works just fine. It is called Towelroot.

Points to note:

This works on most Android phones and is not specific to any brand/ROM. It’s worth trying it for your phone.

The only way to check it’s success is to install a root checker app from the Play store and check the root Status.

This, as per the Towelroot website shall work up to Android version 4.3

How it works:

There are no steps really. just download the app from the website, install it, click “Make it Ra1n”

Let us know whether this worked for your device. This post was specifically for our friends on a lesser version of Android, who have a difficulty finding an easy root method for their budget device.

Download link:

Towelroot: click the red symbol (lambda)

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