getting a job off the ground often means an up-front investment in parts. Hackaday is upping our efforts to smooth out that challenge for those who want to develop Something That Matters. Seed funding for the 2017 Hackaday prize is simple, go into your style plans, share it far as well as wide to ensure that a great deal of people will show their admiration with a ‘like’ on the job page. You get a dollar for every like to assist jump-start the develop phase.

This year has started off like a rocket. last week we passed the $4000 seed funding limit even though there’s still two weeks left in the style Your idea round. We’re increasing the pot to a overall of $6000. That means there’s more up for grabs. go into your job now. If you’ve already done that, polish up your presentation as well as show it around to your good friends as well as on social media. You’ll get a dollar for each like as much as $200 max, or up until we definitely reach the new limit when again. Don’t delay, it’s time to develop Something that Matters!

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