influenced by the maddening timepiece from Discworld, this clock keeps time, however anyone watching the seconds tick by may be psychologically unsteady for it. [Renaud Schleck] developed the stuttering clock utilizing extremely few components. He undertook the develop after being influenced by the version which [Simon Inns] built.

The clock itself is a run-of-the-mill product which utilizes one battery to keep time. We’re always impressed by how these dirt-cheap things stay so precise over the long haul — however we digress. The technique of assault utilizes coil injection to drive the hands. [Renaud] utilized one of the microcontrollers from the MSP430 Launchpad, together with the clock crystal which likewise shipped with the kit, to gain manage of the mechanism. The crystal triggers an interrupt which does the actual time-keeping. The seconds hand is driven rather sporadically based on an algorithm explained in his write-up.

You can watch the unequal ticking in the video after the break. in spite of that visually disturbing functionality, the short as well as long ticks balance each other as well as the correct time continues to be displayed.

[via Reddit]

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