Making things a bit easier!- that’s what we try to do right here at DroidViews. Whether it be a rooting tutorial, a mod, hack or even a challenging topic, it’s always the main worry for us to present these things to our visitors in a easier method by describing them in detail. A few weeks back we were one of the very first to find up with a working rooting tutorial for different designs of the Galaxy S4. A couple of days back we started a ROM evaluation series for the Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 that will be updated at routine interval as new custom-made ROMs for the gadget arrive.

Today we have include one more post where we’ll be providing location to a few of the very best custom-made ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE GT-I9505. Needless to say, all ROMs will be appropriately checked on different procedures such as performance, battery life, stability as well as choices for customization. So, it’s a type of “survival of the fittest” post that will assist you pick a great custom-made ROM without being overwhelmed by the range as well as number offered over the web as well as forums.

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Though we have tried to put our finest effort to bring together a few of the very best custom-made ROMs for the Galaxy S4 GT-I9505, we cannot assert that all of you will agree with our selection. everybody sees the world with his own glasses. We respect all ROM designers who selflessly work day as well as night to provide us a lot more reasons to like the eco-friendly bot. As Shakespeare has said, “there is nothing great or poor however believing makes it so.”

Activities like flashing a custom-made ROMs is thought about risky as well as if you are careless, it may brick your gadget too. We alert you to keep away from such things if you do not comprehend what it is all about. Do not blame the respected designers or us if any type of mishap takes location which, in a lot of cases, is the result of a error made by the user. before you proceed with installing a custom-made ROM, we strongly suggest you to checked out the complying with post to get a fair concept of the whole business.

Things to Do before as well as After Installing a custom-made ROM

Root Your gadget First:

Please note that to be able to set up a custom-made ROM on your Galaxy S4 GT-I9505, you requirement to root it as well as set up a custom-made healing like ClockworkMod or TWRP first. If you have refrained from doing it yet, you can do it now utilizing our simple tutorial:

How to root as well as set up CWM on Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505

1. Omega ROM for Galaxy S4 GT-I9505

Developer: Indie

ROM Review:

It’s not just a coincidence why Omega ROM by Indie falls very first in this list, though it’s not truly a countdown kind of article. If you have utilized any type of of the Galaxy flagships onward Galaxy S2 as well as have ever flashed a custom-made ROM on those devices, you need to be familiar with this very prominent piece of work. Its popularity is sufficient to verify its worthiness.

I have been utilizing this ROM on a number of Galaxy gadgets considering that the S2 days as well as it is one of my favorites since it lets you take pleasure in the look as well as feel of stock TouchWiz without any type of pudding from outside as well as yet it effectively keeps away from a lot of drawbacks because of which people desire to run away from TouchWiz. Yes, I am speaking about the lag delays!

Indie has eliminated a lot of of the unfavorable bloats as well as therefore you get a cleaner app drawer as well as a lot more complimentary RAM. Omega ROM has been modified to provide you much quicker performance with much better effectiveness  and the exact same old stability that has always been connected with its name. as for battery life, it depend upon exactly how you utilize your phone however if you compare the battery performance between the stock TW firmware as well as Omega with the exact same type of use, the latter comes formward as a remove winner. try this ROM as well as you won’t be disappointed!

WiFi Connectivity problem Fix:

In situation you see any type of issues with WiFi connection after installing this ROM, download the I9505XXUBMF8 Modem data as well as set up it utilizing Odin3 3.04. click on Phone button on Odin as well as choose this file.

2. CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM for GT-I9505

Developer: CyanogenMod Team

ROM Review:

The extremely name “CyanogenMod” has ended up being a lot more of a brand when it pertains to AOSP based custom-made ROMs. It is the most original ROM for Android gadgets that is offered for nearly all devices, officially or unofficially. After the introduce of the Galaxy S4, there were rumors that Samsung’s new flagship will not get CM however now it is available.null

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