You don’t have to have top quality parts to play around with electronics as well as here’s a excellent example. [Vishal] utilized junk to play around with CapSense, the touch sensitive Arduino library. What he ended up with is this touch-based piano keyboard.

We’ve featured the CapSense library in the past, however even that example utilizes a extremely meticulously crafted test rig of foil tape, protoboard, as well as some resistors. If you still haven’t provided it a try comply with this example of utilizing aluminum foil, electrical tape, as well as a cardboard box.

[Vishal] just sandwiched the end of jumper cable between two pieces of foil to make each ‘key’. We believe the other end of the cable is soldered to the bias resistors where they link to a couple of pin headers. The headers were hot-glued in location with holes in the bottom of the box, making the entire rig simple to plug into the Arduino board driving it. After adding in a little speaker as well as flashing the code he’s finished. It definitely makes for a short afternoon job which you won’t feel poor about taking apart later since you didn’t sink a ton of time or resources into the build.

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