When we talk about getting a new and a much remarkable smartphone, we actually indicate a smartphone with better specifications. think about it, upgrading from the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the iphone 5S doesn’t make a lot of sense. While there are a variety of Android smartphones to choose, from different OEMs, we have a way out for mostly Samsung, LG, or HTC devices. The reason why we incline towards such popular OEMs, is their promises, and also their high idolization in the smartphone market.

While Samsung pulls off new features with every flagship they manufacture, HTC tends to improve the unit’s build qualities. On the other hand, LG focuses a lot more on the stunning 2K displays that it produces. The lesson we learn by this, is that no OEM is best in every way. You still might fancy that you have the world’s a lot of beastly spec’d Android device, but think about it. There are a lot of aspects which make a smartphone a boon or a curse.

One such aspect where nearly all of the smartphones fall short is the battery life itself. a lot of of the well-known smartphones (looking at you, Samsung) tend to have a shorter battery life with every new feature being added. As we users still entail those beastly spec’d devices, with awesome to-use features, we agree to trade-off the battery life of the device itself. This is where portable battery chargers/power banks come in handy. Today, at DroidViews, we have gathered the top 4 power banks which are compatible with nearly all of the Android (and iOS) devices. We have ranked each product with the thing they excel at. So, without any additionally delay, let’s have a look!

Best Built

OnePlus Power Bank

10,000 mAh — price : $31

Probably the best built portable charger in this list – OnePlus Power Bank. We now already know about OnePlus’ success after their first smartphone, the OnePlus One. The company used a lot of custom-made build accessories for the OnePlus One, but this one is quite unique. The reason why we opted for this to be the best built power bank, is due to its stunning design, and extraordinary feel when touched. just like the two variants of the OnePlus One, this power bank comes in two different colors, each engraved with different textures –

Silk White – this one is best for the soft-touch lovers. The adjective by which we can describe it the most closely is ‘Baby Skin’.

Sandstone Black – probably the most rated material in the history of tech. This variant has a sandpaper-like finish, which not only supplies a great grip, but also enhances the texture of the portable charger.

You can simply shake the power bank to check how much of battery’s left inside of it. The indicator LEDs are quite crispy too. This one’s quite quirky because it doesn’t actually have any buttons to add up any extra weight to it. The OnePlus power bank rocks two full-sized USB ports, 1 Amp each, and one micro-USB port for quick charging.

With a little expensive price bracket, the OnePlus Power bank can be gotten from Amazon.com.

High Capacity

RAVPower 3rd Gen Delux

16,000 mAh — price : $40

This one is the most expensive on our list, and for a good reason. While we could’ve gone for better options, with much larger capacities, we wanted to curb down the budget too. The RAVPower 3rd Gen Delux power bank is a lot more than enough to charge your tablet once, and your Android phone twice. So, if you’re ever going on a trip/camp, try to take this with you, and you’ll never feel the thirst of battery again. The 4-status LEDs keep you informed about how much juice this beast has left in it. Also, the RAVPower 3rd Gen Delux portable charger sports a nifty little LED Flashlight, which is pretty sharp.

While this portable charger might seem bulky, this is a small one too. You can just slip it in your backpack, and not worry about a thing! talking about the actual utility, the power bank uses the user two full-sized USB ports, and one Micro-USB port. This way, you can easily connect your Android smartphone without any hassle. This beast packs a Samsung Lithium-Ion battery, which assures over 500-charge cycles.

Overall, you can get hold of the RAVPower 3rd Gen Delux power bank on Amazon.com. Hurry, as there is limited-period offer available! get your unit now!

Highly Affordable


10,000 mAh — price : $13

Yes, you’ve read it right. A 10,000 mAh portable charger, to charge nearly all of your devices, coming at only for $13. KMASHI (not sure how to spell it) isn’t well-known when we need to prescribe someone a product, such as a power bank, but with the positive user reviews on Amazon.com, this piece of affordable charger just desperately needed to be on this list. However, this might not guarantee surviving drop-tests, or taking any torture from your 3-year old. The packaging, as the users claimed was highly protective, and the units they received were just good.

When technically speaking, the KMASHI MP81null

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