Here’s how you can browse hidden genres on Netflix with a neat trick that involves using secret codes that apparently Netflix’s own engineers use. here are the details.

Netflix has already become the de facto source of online video for lots of people, and with the expansion into a even more 200+ countries, that is only going to become the case for much more and much more of us. With interest in Netflix at an all-time high and the company bringing much more and much more of its own, first-party content to the service, finding what you’re searching for is becoming much more and much more challenging thanks to the sheer volume of content. What you need is a helpful trick to make things easier.

As it turns out, narrowing down the content on Netflix is actually pretty easy thanks to a neat trick that we are told Netflix’s own engineers use, and it makes drilling down into the Netflix catalog a whole new ball game.

If you’ve ever sifted through Netflix in a web browser, you may have discovered that the URL ends with a different code depending on which category you are browsing. As it turns out, if you change that code for some very particular combinations of numbers, you’ll be presented with some sub-genres that you wouldn’t typically have access to by using the conventional menu systems. like children’s films that are based on books ( or possibly B-Horror films (

Not all of these codes will work depending on which country you are browsing Netflix from, but there are sites with listings of the codes, such as, should you want to go on a Netflix binge one afternoon. and really, why wouldn’t you?

If you’ve got time to waste, you could even try throwing a few of your own four-digit combinations at the end of the URL. who knows? You might actually stumble across a completely new sub-genre.

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