Google’s introduction of its material design language with the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop was a major stepping stone for Android in general. It has been at the core of the Android UI because then. The guidelines for material design helped Android app developers create beautiful apps that looked part of the Android OS itself. fast forward a few years ahead and we now have a huge number of material design apps on the Play Store.

To help you find the best material design apps on Android, we’ve gone through dozens upon dozens of material design apps and have selected only 15 of the best. before we begin, you might also want to check out the winners of the Google material design awards 2019. We’ve excluded the winners in this list to help bring forward a few much more great material design apps.

Here are our top picks for the best material design apps available for Android devices at the moment in 2019.


The ride-hailing service Lyft has the best app material design on Android for its category and purpose. The minimal and pleasing to look at user interface makes up for great user experience. It has a few colored accents while also making use of ‘white space’ perfectly which is essential to a good design. Lyft’s services are also great thus we’d recommend checking out the app if design and ease of use are essential for you.

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When it concerns investment apps, there are only a couple of other apps that can match Robinhood’s spectacular material design UI. The stock trading application gives you insights into stock prices and performance as well as additional information. Unlike other apps in its category, Robinhood manages to offer all this information within a minimal yet functional user interface. It makes use of a few essential material design guidelines that make it stand out.

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Subscriptions – manage your regular expenses

This easy yet functional material theme app provides a clean and easy to navigate user interface. The application allows you to keep track of all your monthly subscriptions in one place. given the number of subscription services out there, we tend to subscribe to several services without knowing the total monthly payment for all the services. Fortunately, this subscription tracking app does exactly what it’s intended for, i.e. to keep track of our subscription.

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Action Launcher

Action Launcher is one of the most customizable Pixel launchers inspired homescreen managers currently available. The launcher is heavily inspired by Google’s material design language which is visible throughout the launcher. material design apps often sacrifice on features and options to keep the UI minimal, however, action Launcher comes with just about any feature you could need from a homescreen launcher for Android.

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Journey: Diary, Motivational Journal

If you’re searching for diary or journal apps that make use of Google’s material theme guides, then we’d suggest having a look at the Journey: Diary, Motivational Journal application. It comes with a host of features such as the ability to format text, add images, sync with Google Drive, and even sync with your calendar. The material theme reflects in all corners of the application and as a result, you’ll have a enjoyable experience while using it.

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Canva is one of the best apps on Android to design spectacular posters, flyers, presentations and more. The app has made use of Google’s material design language in a neat and stylish way. Canva provides over 60,000 templates for users to choose from to get inspiration from or simply use the templates for their own purpose. It even has templates for Instagram stories and posts, therefore, you could use the templates to elevate your impact on Instagram.

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Textra SMS

Textra is often given the title of the best messaging app alternative for Android. The material theme texting app has several helpful features for users. Textra is also compatible with services such as Pushbullet and can be synced with your Android wear devices. The app was also one of the first texting apps to adopt a dark mode and users can choose from several different accent colors.

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Material Notification Shade

Material design apps come in all shapes and sizes with different functions. This cool app overlays a Pixel-like material design notification shade on your device. It’s ideal for those who have a smartphone with a heavily customized skin from the OEM. You can use the notification shade just as you finish with the default notification panel on your device.

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B&H Photo

Here’s an app that follows practically every material design guidelines Google set. The application lets users purchase photo and video equipment which isn’t easily available in the manull

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