The CupCake CNC set is the flagship product of MakerBot industries, a joint venture between [Bre Pettis] as well as [Zach Hoeken]. At $750, it includes all the motors, belts, body pieces, bearings, belts, as well as other pieces to assemble it. You might be printing your own 3d objects in a matter of hours with this. 3D printers with only somewhat larger capabilities can run countless dollars. The only advantage to a few of the industrial products may be resolution. They don’t provide much as far as technical data as the system isn’t offered yet. They ought to begin shipping before April 15th, so they can’t be far off. This might potentially be a competitor for the RepRap. because RepRap doesn’t offer a total kit, we’ll have to speculate. We’ve seen estimates from $500 to $1000 to develop one.

[via adafruit markets blog]

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